Vermont - mr. fairshake renters please read


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  • State Vermont
  • Last Update Date 2023-01-17

Vermont - mr. fairshake renters please read


here we go again if you dont have section 8 you cant afford to pay rent because landlords raised there rent so high the working class people cant afford to rent an apartment its ridiculous no one can or wants to pay $1300 to $1600 dollars a month for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment we need a place to live with rent control the state has got to get this rent sitution under control ? or we will be forced to live in motels or on the streets, please if you feel the same as i do being a parent seeing a mother and her children living under bridges and in motels because the 211 program rates are so high you cant afford to pay for a room out of pocket ps they wont even give you a room without 211 how bad is that? speak up tell the vermont governor and let stand together and demand fair rental prices .if nothing gets done and the governor doesnt step in then we the people can try to get the governors attention to help out the working class people and remedy this situation for the vermont voters right? power to the people. thanks mr. fair shake p s any and all comments will be viewed and acted on accordily.

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