Vermont - DON'T PAY FEES!


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  • State Vermont
  • Last Update Date 2022-12-23

Vermont - DON'T PAY FEES!


I'm posting this again as a reminder. If someone puts an "address" on their listing, make sure you research that address and verify they have an apartment for rent, especially if they are asking for application fees or an application to be filled out ahead of time. They also shouldn't be mentioning anything about "No Broker Fees", because there wouldn't be any anyway. People are taking advantage of the tight housing market, and I think that Craigslist is not the place to go anymore to find an apartment. Ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers! Look at the place before you fill out an application or give personal information or money. Also, look for inconsistencies in the posting such as duplicate addresses, or saying they don't accept pets, but another line says something about pets being okay. Verify, Verify, Verify! Craigslist VT should be offering these tips (not me) and monitoring these postsI hope they are taking note! I am offended as an apartment owner of the scamming that is constantly taking place, and also offended as a parent to children who have to grow up in this current world in which we live.

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