Elkwood Assisted Living


  • ID #118942
  • State Oklahoma
  • Contract Type FOR RENT
  • Location Elk City, OK
  • Last Update Date 2015-02-10

Elkwood Assisted Living

Elk City, OK

After a lifetime full of hard work, chores and daily stresses, seniors deserve to enjoy retirement at their own pace. That's why Elkwood is such an appealing community to so many seniors in Elk City. No matter how much care seniors need, no matter how active or relaxed a life seniors want to lead, we make sure that every resident gets to enjoy retirement on their own terms. Elkwood is operated by Senior Lifestyle Corporation. Since 1985, Senior Lifestyle Corporation has been creating premier retirement communities and innovative programs to help each senior residing with us enjoy a more fulfilling and healthy life. Featured Amenities One of the true joys of retirement living is having the time to continue your education, and to learn things you've always wanted to know. That's why we offer our award-winning Brain Health University program, which combines learning and entertainment. We even recognize 'graduates' of our classes with a certificate and celebrations. That's far from the only activity that happens at Elkwood, however. With a library, spa, indoor swimming pool and many other activity rooms throughout our community, there's always something going on to keep our residents engaged and active while also making new friends. Those friendships blossom in our dining room, where great conversation joins restaurant-quality meals for an inforgettable dining experience. Available Services At Elkwood, we provide living options sure to satisfy every resident who