Connecticut - Unique Oppurtunity to Own Your Own Small Home & Deck + Land Rental


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  • State Connecticut
  • Last Update Date 2022-11-10

Connecticut - Unique Oppurtunity to Own Your Own Small Home & Deck + Land Rental


Originally had a different trailer posted with access to this land, decided to sell that one on its own and replace it with a newer one along with access to land. This one has everything a person needs to live and feel comfortable - kitchen, fridge, kitchen sink with nice faucets, stove top, bathroom, toilet, shower with nice molded stall that includes shelves for shampoo, soap, etc., couch, dining area, bedroom, a lot of cabinet space, built in room divider, along with everything already being equipped for heat. All you’d have to do is replace the propane tank when it runs out. Also, the deck is nice and spacious and can fit a good sized patio set. The storage unit has a lot of room in it as well. Part of it is comprised of a screen door type material however water doesn’t get through it. Regardless, it would be smart to store things in plastic totes or put a tarp over some things just to be completely safe. There’s also additional storage inside of a compartment of the we camper itself.
The sale of the camper, deck & storage unit includes access to a land rental which is in a good/safe area of RI and is only $499/month. Included in the land rental is water, snow removal, trash pickup, parking spots for multiple vehicles. Definitely a great deal that makes the cost of the camper worth it in the long run.
Feel free to reach out with any questions or to make an offer.

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