Colorado - Earthship Homes - 20 Acres - Mt. Blanca


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  • Contract Type FOR RENT
  • State Colorado
  • Last Update Date 2022-10-16

Colorado - Earthship Homes - 20 Acres - Mt. Blanca


Building earthship homes on this 20 acres. Working to cover basic survival needs and provide the full package. Your $300/month is only paid in for 2 years and covers your membership in our community. ONLY 10 HOURS PER WEEK work commitment covers your basic survival! Food produced on site is member first. Community center with all the amenities of home, available remotely and off grid - will be available to all.
This WILL be the best deal around and memberships will be $1,000 x 24 when this community center is done and there are turn key homes to move into. YOU can get in first and get your membership cheaper than anyone else!
$300/mo x 24 months - Even WI-FI is included!
As long as you remain in honor in the community you are bill free for life!
That's our form of "social security." Is yours going to be that reliable?

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