Arizona - Remote Wilderness Paradise: For Rent or Caretaking Trade


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  • State Arizona
  • Location Gila Wildlands
  • Last Update Date 2020-07-28

Arizona - Remote Wilderness Paradise: For Rent or Caretaking Trade

Gila Wildlands,

If you’ve long dreamed about being off the grid and close to nature, away from the masses and madness, then the current COVID pandemic might just be enough to drive you to action. If so, you might consider either renting or trading labor for a home in a wonderfully forested riverside sanctuary!
We have 2 different off-grid cabins available on an enchanting elk refuge, a ceremonial site for the ancient Mogollon peoples surrounded by Gila National Forest on all sides. It is a stunningly beautiful and highly remote wilderness paradise, a rewilded wildlife and botanical refuge. It is situated near Reserve NM in a county with only two percent private property (east of Showlow/Alpine AZ, 100 miles north of Silver City NM.) One overlooks the river, the other is nestled in the pines. We charge $400 a month rent per cabin, a perfect place for a back-to-the-land lifestyle, healing retreats, making art, or writing a book.
We would be even more interested in providing a cabin longterm or even lifelong for no cash at all, resident caretakership in exchange for a few hours of daily homestead tasks and chores including running a chainsaw and doing wildfire preparation, improving a rain catch system, maintenance on cabins, wood splitting, and so forth. We are so very busy with our home publishing business, not to mention home chores and a toddler, that a little help is needed to maintain the infrastructure and tend the land.
Before writing us, please sure you can picture what we mean by “remote,” given that our refuge is two miles with seven water crossings from the nearest pavement, in a huge mountainous county with only two percent private land and far fewer people than elk. Vehicle access is by lifted 4x4 or ATV vehicles only. The nearest city is a hundred miles away, and it is ten miles to the tiny grocery store in the village of Reserve. During the COVID outbreak we will maintaining physical distance from visitors and residents.
Water is either brought in or else rain catch, bathwater is heated on the stove at this point (though a solar or on-demand heater could be added), only solar electricity is feasible, there is no cell reception in the canyon, and no internet unless longterm residents want to install a satellite system. The usually shallow river can in certain seasons flood, making vehicle access unwise for a time. It is certainly not for everyone, but it may be ideal for those rare nature loving folks seeking an organic lifestyle in a most incredible, inspirited place.
Email us with any questions, and tell us about yourselves. We will reply via email as quickly as able.





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