Alabama - Lot for Mobile Home


  • ID #1697735
  • Contract Type FOR RENT
  • State Alabama
  • Last Update Date 2022-12-26

Alabama - Lot for Mobile Home


This is a lot for rent, we are located in Breckenridge Mobile Home Park. Breckenridge is a tight knit community with a family-like atmosphere, located close to Walmart, Schools and just a 10 minute dive to plenty of great shops and restaurants on Main Ave!
-The mobile home can be up to 16x80(has to be a single wide)
-You must transport the mobile home to the lot at your own cost and hooking up to utilities will be your responsibility.
-There's room to park 2 cars.
-No pets are allowed at the park
-$405 is the lot rent each month and the security deposit will be the same amount.
-Long term rentals only
-Compacted dirt spot for the home to reside on
-If you have 3 or more steps up to your house, it is your responsibility to have handrails leading up to the door
-We provide common area groundskeeping and street lights
-Pay stubs are required or proof of funds
-Background check is required for anyone over the age of 18 that will be living at this location. It costs $40 and we pay the most attention to these three things:
-Makes 3x rent
-No felonies
-No prior evictions/foreclosures
(Listing has a 'split bathroom' listed because it would not let me put 0 as an option, this post is for the lot to rent, bring your mobile home and hook it up and become part of the Breckenridge community!)
Reach out with any questions or if you need any additional information

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