Alabama - Furnished efficiency apartment available


  • ID #1715110
  • Contract Type FOR RENT
  • State Alabama
  • Last Update Date 2023-01-20

Alabama - Furnished efficiency apartment available


My home is located in a great uptown neighborhood, two and a half blocks from St Charles Avenue and one block off Napoleon Ave so there is easy public access streetcar and bus transportation nearby. 
The rent is negotiable. $850 per month with a one-year lease or $900 per month with a six-month lease or $1000 per month without a lease plus I require a 30 day advance notice to vacate the apartment. I also ask for an additional $100 per month contribution towards utilities. The good news is that you will not have to put down deposits for utilities or pay monthly fluctuating bills (which are high in New Orleans). 
I can also lower the rent $100 a month if you're willing to help me by doing quick things like carrying groceries up and down the stairs, be in charge of putting out garbage and recycling on appropriate days and brief non-time consuming things like changing light bulbs occasionally or something that is difficult for me because I am somewhat disabled. 
The outside door enters into a small receiving room downstairs. The efficiency has its own entrance at the top of the stairs, so you do not have to walk through the home of anyone to access it. 

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