Alabama - Come For It


  • ID #1659299
  • Contract Type FOR RENT
  • State Alabama
  • Last Update Date 2022-11-08

Alabama - Come For It


Hello,here’s another great property that you can have as your paradise.Why is it a paradise?
This building is one of the best structures in the whole neighborhood,the property is allowed to be classify in two difference residential ways which are (Rent to Own & Rent Only).
MEANING➗Rent to Own:-is the process of applicants or tenants dealing with the company that manages the property for the real owner (LANDLORD).➗Rent Only:-is the process of which the applicant is dealing with the owner of the property directly,which the landlord is leasing out the property to first to come and first to serve.Also apartment welcome pets like Dog and Cat.The compound is incomparable to some others properties you have ever seen and the kitchen is well furnished with cabinets and fully tiled with expensive marble tices,extra garage for visitors vehicles and garden are decorated with beautiful flowers.
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